Player Parent Tennis Workshops

A mentoring program for junior players and their families

“Positive results happen when there’s a plan and the commitment to see it through!”

The Tournament Tough Player Parent Workshops were a one-of-a-kind, successful program for ranked junior players, their parents and coaches conducted in the early 1990s at all 17 USTA Sections. The concept was developed by Coach Carlos Goffi who believes junior players can benefit from a conducive environment provided by a synchronized Support System.  

You now have the opportunity to have your own Individualized Tournament Tough Player Parent Workshop! This is an enhancement to your current coaching program and a chance to have Coach Carlos Goffi as your Tennis Advisor.


  • How long? 3 month workshop
  • How often? 2x/month (every other week)
  • How long? 1 hour Zoom sessions
  • When? TBD according to mutually convenient days/times
  • Who participates? Junior Player and Parents (Coach is also invited)
  • What's included? Evaluation and Assessment (2x/month)

    First Session:

    A comprehensive individual Competitive Performance Analysis (CPA) is initially performed to establish the player’s present baseline. The CPA is based on a one-hour video of a recent match and conducted prior to the first Online Live Interactive Session each month. The CPA also includes an individualized report containing coach Goffi’s personal recommendations based on his evaluation and assessment of the player’s competitive level, which becomes the topic of discussion on the first sessions of each month.

    CPA Highlights:

    • Aggressive Margin: Key to fine-tuning performance (extracted from charts of the match video)
    • Competitive Composure: Evaluated during the 50 minutes of the hour when the ball is NOT in play from the match video
    • Player Parent Report: Individual Evaluation and Assessment 

    Second Session:

    The initial 30 minutes is a follow-up of the preceding session to determine progress. The second 30 minutes is dedicated to an individualized Evaluation and Assessment of the player’s Support System from a Q&A provided to the player’s family prior to the second session.

    Support System Highlights:

    • Perspective: Key to a successful Junior Tennis Journey
    • Changing Roles of Parents, Coaches, and Players during the journey
    • Especially for Parents: issues pertaining to successful tennis parenting


    $475 per month*
    *minimum 3 month commitment

    Due to very limited availability, please contact Coach Goffi for next steps.